Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Peter Accadia

Nezumi shino teapot by Peter Accadia 2Nezumi shino teapot by Peter Accadia 1

Last Sunday I visited the studio of local ceramicist Peter Accadia. Everything that he makes is incredible, but this particular teapot caught my eye and after Peter told me the story of how he came to make this piece I knew that I couldn't leave without it.

Some time ago, one of Peter's teachers became unable to continue to practice his craft after developing a neurological condition. This made Peter consider his own ability to practice ceramics. What would he do if he became unable to throw clay as he has been doing since he was 13 years old?

So he decided to reverse his pottery wheel so that it was moving in an a clockwise direction (as opposed to the an anti-clockwise direction that we usually have them moving in Australia) and try using his non-dominant hand to throw, in case he might one day be unable to use his dominant hand. The result was this teapot. Inspired by the spiral shape of eucalyptus trees that he saw around Healesville, Victoria, this teapot is glazed with a nezumi shino glaze.

Peter’s story has made me consider my own creative activities. How would I feel if I were unable to work with wood or clay, weave, dye, knit or sew? Or if I were for some reason unable to collect the natural treasures that I search for and arrange on an almost daily basis? These activities have come to define me as a person, and I feel sure that would feel lost without them.

I like to think of myself as adaptable and able to find happiness in any life situation, but this would test me. However, as I consider this I realise that I have something that Peter may not have – a passion for working with different mediums and eagerness to try new ways of expressing my creativity. My regular creative pursuits span from poetry to woodwork and textiles. I am constantly trying new mediums and when I do I quickly find myself getting lost in them.

Peter’s experience has sparked a new train of thought in me, and this teapot, which I will use regularly, will continue to remind me of his story and my own ability to be happy wherever life takes me.

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